Submitting a Warranty

Confirm with the factory or National Equipment Corporation (NEC) that the equipment is still under warranty for parts and/or labor. You will need the model and serial number of equipment. The install date, sales slip or store opening is also helpful.

1. Parts and labor are to be submitted together at NEC parts counter or shipped UPS to:

National Equipment Corporation
242 West 3680 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

  • Parts cannot be received by parcel post or at the Post Office Box.
  • Parts must be tagged with warranty card listing failure (“defective” or “not working” are not acceptable). If physically broken, what is broken and where.
  • Compressor should be welded off to prevent leakage (factory will back charge if this occurs) and returned in original box.
  • Shipping is not covered by warranty.

2. Labor is submitted on a service/work ticket used at the job location listing customers name, address, phone number and has the customer and service technician signatures on it. Service ticket should list customer complaint and the action taken to repair.

  • Please list reason for replacing the parts (bad, broken, not working, defective is not adequate).
  • If reason is a leak, wiring etc. where and how was it repaired.
  • Your invoice should only represent the warranty piece of equipment. No other equipment, cleaning or adjustments should appear on invoice.
  • Model and serial number of all the equipment, including ice machine, remote condenser and/or other relevant components are required.
  • Cleaning, adjustments and normal maintenance are not covered by warranty. Cleaning of water system should be on separate invoice.

3. Labor rate is $80.00 per hour and hours billed must be in accordance to factory allowed guidelines.

  • If working on a Manitowoc Ice Machine and extra hours are needed, an authorization number from the factory service department must be obtained.
  • This number and the name of person issuing it must be on the Service/Work ticket.
  • CSR agencies must use their factory-approved rate.
  • Travel is not covered by many factories, please check with NEC or the Factory.
  • Mileage and truck charges are not allowed by any of the factories.

4. Welding/reclaim billed at $40.00

5. Freon is to be reclaimed when possible. If additional Freon is used, bill at $12.00 per lb.

6. 90-day parts failure: Parts must be tagged with card filled out with model and serial number of equipment and failure explanation are necessary. Labor is not covered.

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